From the Editors

published April 10, 2020

What does holding on look like when everyone’s so scared to touch? These days, my grip feels firm only on scraps, excerpts, bits, pieces. It’s like I can only think in parts—anything resembling a whole feels immense, insurmountable, impossible. Here are some fragments that I’ve recently received and held close.


Part of an online lecture last week I attended by artist Kara Walker:

    Don’t panic. It’s hard. Take little bites. Little bites. Take little bites in the present. A little something.


The sign-off from an email I received from writer George Saunders:

    Stay well and, as important, stay happy as you can – that is a superpower that benefits everybody (he says preachingly after a day marked by several spates of crankiness).


From a note my professor sent to the class:

    Shhh, if you listen, listen closely, you can hear its bones setting, like the sound of a new mountain after its last cough as a volcano. Shhhh.


I’ll leave you with this, heard live on a telecast Wednesday morning:

    Please also appreciate that not only are we winning the struggle ideologically, we are also winning it generationally.

    The future of this country is with our ideas.