Call for Pitches - Vol. 40!

by The Indy

published March 23, 2020


The College Hill Independent—the largest weekly newspaper in Southern New England—is a Providence-based publication written, illustrated, designed, and edited by students from Brown and RISD. Our paper is distributed around Providence’s East Side and Downtown, as well as online. In addition to publishing 20 pages of original writing, reporting, and art once a week, the Indy functions as an open workshop in which writers, artists, and designers collaborate and provide feedback on their work. We are continuing to publish through the spring semester, and we would love to receive pitches from you!

More than half of our pieces every week come from writers who aren't officially on the masthead. If you have an idea for an article or are interested in illustrating and want to talk to a section editor about it, shoot them an email! Or if you don't have an idea yet, feel free to reach out anyway—the editors will have some ideas to get you started, and are always excited to work with new writers. Here is a cheatsheet that will help you navigate the different sections.



[email protected]

Original reporting and analysis of national/international news!



[email protected]

Original reporting based in/about providence!



[email protected]

Short (~400 word), often funny pieces about global and local news!



[email protected]

Poems, short stories, fiction, etc!



[email protected]

Personal narrative writing, creative non-fiction, and other in-depth articles that may not fit other sections!


[email protected]

A space for interpreting a piece of art/media (e.g. a new book, film, album, whatever) or a particular artist within a larger social framework!



[email protected]

Focused on analysis and criticism of scientific/technological trends within a larger social context!



[email protected]

A very open hybrid visual/text section that deals with narrative, time, and more!



[email protected]

A very open hybrid visual/text section that deals with place, space, and more!



[email protected]

artwork in any medium to accompany written pieces!


If you are interested in submitting ANY kind of visual art/work, whether for the cover, X, Ephemera, or illustration, reach out to [email protected] and we will point you toward the right section.

Or, if you don't know what section to get in touch with, email us at [email protected] and we can pass your message along to the right place. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!