From the Editors

published March 13, 2020

The task ahead of us remains the same. We have to fight to win justice and liberation for all people. We have to organize to win universal healthcare and a peaceful, livable planet. We have to join hands to build power to challenge this empire and its institutions: the presidency, the prisons, the banks that maintain it around the world. This has been and will be our task—until we win, which we will. But it is also our task to win by any and all means necessary; we must win when and where we can. That means the task ahead of us remains the same—to win the imperial presidency for a good man, an imperfect man. A man who will on some days let us down because the office we will put him in can never fully lift us up. A man who will not carry us into the future we will one day win, but who will get us closer. So don’t despair. This is what we have to do. We are going to win.