From the Editors

published March 3, 2020

Q: Help. I am sad. Can’t shake the feeling. Work is tough, unrelenting, etc.  I know that I cannot live without work. But also I’m frigging tired of working: I want to live.   

A: Cut past the furniture music. The biggest problem you’re facing right now is that you (and we) keep swimming through cardboard boxes that you (and we) can’t see. Take the polyethylene glycol from your standard 50-caliber eye drop vial and open your eyes.


Q: Alright. Boxes, huh. Are you saying that I should–

A: Yes! The subjunctive. It’s all about imagining what could be. Already integrated in that one word––the tug of possibility and doubt, pulling at each other like two horses running in the opposite direction, tied together by a jumper cable. Don’t fry your horses, but remember to maintain an unflinching DC current.