From the Editors

by ER

published September 27, 2019

I was just solicited to write this. It’s what I get for coming to Conmag at peak copy hour, I guess. Not that it isn’t a good thing. It’s a good thing!

Since getting to campus three and a half weeks ago, the mere thought of the Indy has stressed me out. What am I supposed to be doing? Where do people get ideas from? How do I find sources? Why is everyone so smart? And cool? And good at picking apples?

Last week, I wincingly looked back at my application, tempted to ask BCT why they accepted me. My most compelling hypothesis so far is that it’s a social experiment.

It’s okay though. I’m making it work. Four hours ago, I sent in my first draft. Then I showed up here and copyedited a few pieces. And now I’m writing this. So you could say my budding relationship with the Indy is moving pretty fast. Or maybe the two of us are just a thing at this point. All I know is we’re involved.

Regardless, I definitely have a crush. When you’re starting something new, stress happens. But mostly it’s exciting. And for now that’s what matters.