From the Editors

by BB

published October 19, 2018

As the seasons change, so must the music I spend my day with. Not every song has a season, but the most

affecting ones are impossible for me to separate from

particular times of year. It doesn’t have to have anything

to do with the weather—Kate Bush’s chilly “Wuthering Heights” is about as summer a song as it gets, with a soaring chorus made for July nights.


It can be obvious—the Kinks’ “Waterloo Sunset” is platonic spring—but it isn’t always easy to figure out what season a song falls into. Is Ornette Coleman’s furtive, slick “Peace” the dead of winter or the very last days of May? It’s all subjective, but once I pin a song down, it becomes gospel truth and no one can tell me different. So while the fall air stings my face more and more every day, I’ll stay warm and let Oliver Nelson’s “Stolen Moments” guide my way.