From the Editors

by IS

published September 27, 2018

Nearly every night without fail, my grandmother’s words ring in my ears as I try to fall asleep, “You don’t sleep with your phone by your head, do you?”

“No, grandma, of course not,” I always say.

“Good. The government wants to get you, ya know.”

“Yes, grandma.”

“Also cancer.”

“I know, grandma. Don’t worry, I always turn my phone off 30 minutes before I fall asleep and leave it on the other side of the room.”

This is a lie.

Nearly every night without fail, I fall asleep with my phone directly next to my ear. When I feel especially guilty, I throw it to the foot of my bed and hope I can hear my alarm in the morning. When I feel especially lazy, I leave it resting on my forehead and try not to think about brain tumors.