From the Editors

by HA & EC

published September 24, 2018

We’re one week in and feeling the pressure.

As Gatehouse media squeezes the ProJo dry and lays off reporters, the void of local news in Rhode Island is only growing larger. (It doesn’t help that their subscription office won’t pick up the phone). Adding insult to injury, lost its third lodestar correspondent (WW) and the fearless leftist publication of College Hill (East Side Monthly) is siding with the elite re: zoning. And if the kids in our Intro to Journalism class are any indication, there’s no end to our media misery in sight.

At what point does faking it start to feel like making it? Or are we just faking it? Either way, we’re trying to stay current in a post-print world by interviewing state reps over text, creating a Mastodon account with two followers, and arming our paper boys with JUMP bike subscriptions. And even when the weather is bleak, our Rapid Weather Response Team     (@theindy_tweets) is on the streets reporting like it’s the Hurricane of ’38. We’re hitting our stride, so keep on reading. We’ll give you Providence news, even if it’s a week late.