by JKS

published February 2, 2018

A power outage, a school closure, a highway ban, a government
shutdown. Then a restoration—always accompanied with a creeping
sense that something is being drawn out, drained. As authority stands
as rigid as ever, somehow we’re left with a perpetual feeling of running
on fumes—patchwork precarity. Gigging, fixing, rigging, cheating. And
then from somewhere comes a belief, not exactly our own, that this
is exactly the way it should be—the only way it can ever be. That to
articulate that anything could be otherwise is more than impossible,
it’s embarrassing.

Here the College Hill Independent offers no market-tested solutions,
no five-point proposals, no cunning, no conning. In fact, we offer no
prescriptions at all. Instead, each week, we write, illustrate, design, and
read for a slight alternative.