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Volume 41 Issue 10, Dec 04 2020

From the Editors

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Current Issue

Volume 41 Issue 10, Dec 04 2020

Crisis Response To California’s Carceral State

One bill’s attempt to provide alternatives to policing

News, Dec 04 2020

by Rose Houglet

As this summer saw skyrocketing donations to bail funds and widespread uprisings in support of Black liberation, 24-year-old Los Angelean Elizeth …

Criminalizing Childhood

The problem with the juvenile justice system

Features, Dec 04 2020

by Morgan Awner

content warning: juvenile detention, anti-Black violence In May 2020, a Michigan judge sentenced a 15-year-old Black girl named Grace* to juvenile …

The Paradox Of Socially Responsible Computing

The limits and potential of teaching tech ethics

Science & Technology, Dec 04 2020

by Jessica Dai

As awareness of technology’s destructive power increases—the erosion of democracy, the quantification of individuality, the exacerbation of systemic inequities—attention turns to …

Forced Into the Light

How doxxing and technological authoritarianism threaten transformative movements

Metro, Dec 04 2020

by Jefferson Bernard & Kuno Haimbodi

It’s not uncommon to find commotion on the portion of I-95 that runs through Providence. On the night of October 12, …

Community as Pedagogy

Reimagining higher education and online learning through Black Mountain College

Features, Dec 04 2020

by Seth Israel

In 1933, a small, inconspicuous community sprung up in the densely wooded southern Appalachians. Its students and visitors would come to …


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From the Archive

Lose Ctrl

SZA’s exploration of the in-between

Arts, Dec 04 2020

by Gaya Gupta

I first started listening to SZA in 2018, the year I struggled with self-doubt and insecurity while trying to develop my …

Indy Holiday Gift Guide

Literary, Dec 04 2020

by Bowen Chen & Kate Ok

For the final issue of Vol. 41, Bowen and Kate decided to make the rounds and ask colleagues what single book …

An Old Telephone Song

Literary, Dec 04 2020

by Ivy Scott

Home is where the corn nuts are. Cheap and salty, stock gas station food but the only place you ever find …

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