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Vol. 39 Issue 9, Nov 22 2019

From the Editors

Have you ever picked the peanut pieces out of chunky peanut butter with chopsticks? Meticulously, delicately, carefully, assuredly. The obsession with this act often begins with a knife, then a fork, until, ever wiser in the art of peanut-picking, you find the perfect tool to sift, flip, and prod: the chopstick. Or to be specific, two. An inexplicable pleasure is derived from a clumpy pile of five or six peanut pieces on the sticks. There is something about the act of diving those stiff pointy stick ends into a large beckoning tub of soft butter, churning it in swirls, flipping and folding and pressing clumps into each other as I search underneath, prowling around for the area of highest chunk to cream ratio.

You’re welcome.

– M & M

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Current Issue

Vol. 39 Issue 9, Nov 22 2019

Save the BCSC

Alumni Stand in Support of Student Activism

News, Dec 05 2019

by Concerned Brown Alumni

We, the undersigned alumni of Brown University, write to express serious concern with the troubling atmosphere and recent heartbreaking student experiences …

There's No Place Like the Future

Dorothy’s ruby slippers and queer utopia

Features, Nov 22 2019

by Evan Lincoln

Every New Year’s Eve in Key West, the drag queen Sushi perches comfortably inside a glistening ruby high heel, so giant …

What Brown Could Pay

Brown’s property tax exemption and the crisis of public school funding

Metro, Nov 22 2019

by Hal Triedman & Sara Van Horn

“How is it that a city—a small city—can continue to have public schools that fail repeatedly?” In an interview with the …

Current Location

Mapping in perspective

Science & Technology, Nov 22 2019

by Alan Dean

One cloudy Friday evening in October, I’m on a bus from Providence to New York, looking out as the endless gray …

Week in Climate Apocalypse

News, Nov 22 2019

by Gabby Bianco & Dana Kurniawan

ANT-EAT-ANT WORLD The scene is set: a Soviet nuclear bunker. The land is desolate. A few radioactive tumbleweeds are the only …


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From the Archive

Scrutinizing the Self

Exploring implicit bias through Self, Made

Arts, Nov 22 2019

by Anabelle Johnston

The dark walls of "Self, Made" crept upward until they became indistinguishable from the ceiling, the disorienting scene complete with exposed …

Measuring the Small Animal of My Body

Weight loss in the era of Fitbits

Features, Nov 22 2019

by Dana Schneider

content warning: body image When I was in the third grade, everyone got pedometers from our teacher. They were small and …

Queer Callouses

Features, Nov 22 2019

by Finch Collins

I got my favorite pair of Docs my sophomore year of high school—Pascals with portions of Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych The Garden …

Two Stories

Literary, Nov 22 2019

by Pia Mileaf-Patel & Emma Kofman

TONGUES “Do you want to touch tongues?” Ella asked me. We sat underneath one of the fold-out plastic tables boasting boxes …

In the Making

Examining the legacies of the Gorham Manufacturing Company

Arts, Nov 22 2019

by Bilal Memon

A silver spoon the size of a Great Dane immediately confronts anyone exiting the elevator on the third floor of the …

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